Info on our Video Gait Analysis

Description of service
We have been carrying out Video Gait Analysis since opening the shop in 2007. Special software is used that allows videos to be slowed and viewed frame by frame if necessary.

It allows the option to view upto 4 shoes together on one screen (from four different practice runs) to determine which shoe(s) is (are) looking the best on camera.

If you wear orthotics we can advise you on the best type of shoe to wear depending on your orthotic. We can also video you running with the orthotics in different shoes to check they are giving the correct amount of arch support if this is what the orthotic is designed to do. Some orthotics need to be paired up with a supportive shoe, whilst others should only be worn with a neutral shoe.

If you would like Video Gait Analysis you should allow at least 20 minutes from start to finish.
Neutral running shoes are ideal for runners wih none to mild pronation and supinators.

At the Edge Sports Shop we can look at your running gait and recommend whether you would be better opting for Moderate or High cushioning, and give you several pairs to try on to compare differences in cushioning and fit.
Supportive Running shoes are ideal for mild to moderate over-pronators. There are 3 categories of supportive shoes, ranging from Guidance to Mild Support to Moderate support. We will recommend the best type of support shoe for you.

Maximum support shoes are ideal for runners with flat arches and severe over-pronation.