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A new breed of Argon 18 bikes makes its debut. With cutting-edge aerodynamics, the new Nitrogen gets all the benefits of Optimal Balance. No sacrifices.

Light Weight + Rigidity + Comfort + AERO

The Nitrogen will suit road and speed aficionados as well as those triathletes seeking the perfect balance between performance and versatility.

AFS Road Geometry

2015 Sizing chart (road)

AFS road geometry ensures that in every frame size, the dimensions remain proportional and well balanced, offering riders of various physical types equal ease in finding the optimal position. Furthermore, handling and stability are enhanced by proper weight distribution and frame/fork geometry, ensuring the optimal balance between quick, nimble steering and the necessary stability in fast descents and on rough roads.

Regardless of size, the Nitrogen performs consistently, offering:
An efficient, comfortable position
Agile, sure-footed handling, in all frame sizes.
Add to this a bottom bracket set 75 mm below the wheel axles:

This lower bottom bracket lowers the cyclist's center of gravity and reduces head tube length, thereby improving rider control while increasing the frame's lateral rigidity. The end result is more accurate trajectories in turns, and more stability at speed.

HDS: Horizontal Dual System

The new Nitrogen frame design was guided by our HDS principle, with structural properties that vary according to the stresses the frame undergoes. The tubes that make up a frame all have a different role to play in the bike’s performance. The required rigidity must be correctly apportioned in the most highly stressed parts, primarily along the lower areas, while a measure of absorbency is needed in the upper region to ensure comfort, while reducing weight throughout.
Power Zone
We’ve maximized stiffness with massive, asymmetrical chainstays as well as an oversized bottom bracket shell and head tube.
Comfort Zone
The frame’s upper areas feature smaller, thinner tubes that absorb and dissipate vibration from the road.
Whether training or racing, HDS construction lessens fatigue thanks to the enhanced comfort while the lateral rigidity maintains maximum efficiency, transferring every last watt down to the ground.

Press fit 3D system

The Nitrogen features the revolutionary press fit 3D Headtube system, an Argon 18 exclusive.
Aero 3D headset.
Keep the adjustability, loose the drag.
Press-fitted installation.

Once the appropriate position has been dialed in, it can easily be modified at a later time, according to form or rider taste, or to accommodate a change of components.

BB86 Bottom Bracket

The Nitrogen features a BB86-type bottom bracket shell. This non-threaded type of bottom bracket uses cartridge bearings press-fitted directly into the BB shell, eliminating traditional threaded and external-type BB cups. This improves bottom bracket stiffness and reduces needless weight.

7003 HM Carbon Composite

Formulated to maximize the benefits of HDS, 7003 Nano-Tech Carbon composite excels in terms of its strength-to-weight ratio, making for a stiff but light frame. 7003 HM and HDS combine for a perfect blend of rigidity and comfort, sparing the athlete excessive fatigue on less-than-ideal roads.

7003 HM is a very-high-performance carbon composite, capable of amazing stiffness in very light structures, perfect for the spare-no-expense approach we've taken with the Nitrogen. While the efficiency and stellar ride are partly down to the geometry and tube shapes, the light weight of the Nitrogen is largely the result of this carbon recipe.

Di2 compatibility

The Nitrogen is compatible with Di2 or mechanical components; assembly with these groups requires no additional parts.

An integrated design

Argon 18 has designed the Nitrogen to function as an integrated whole, molded in the company's proprietary molds. The new mold gives the monocoque frame superior rigidity overall, with massive asymmetrical chainstays, a very large bottom bracket and a beefy head tube.
Frame weight is 960 g (Includes medium frame, paint & clearcoat. Hardware (60g + 23g Di2 parts) is not included).

Apart from the frame, the Nitrogen includes:
Aero 3D Headset, the right fit just got more aero...
Cutting-edge design enhancing aerodynamic performances while maintaining the full 3D System adjustability
Advanced Stiffness to Weight Ratio (SWR).
This entirely new frame design achieves better aerodynamics, but without ever sacrificing light weight or rigidity. Fork weight: 366 g, cut to fit size medium frame.

Monocoque carbon fork and hidden aero brakes.
Reversible (72/76,5) Aero SP5000 carbon seatpost
Road and Tri positions can both be achieved with the Aero SP5000 seatpost.

• Seat clamp offset -15 to -25 mm.
• Set front 30 to 40 mm

International Cyclist Union certification

In 2011, the UCI established a certification system for all new frames and forks whereby manufacturers submit new designs for approval. Framesets compliant with UCI technical regulations display a logo certifying that these bikes may be used in UCI-sanctioned road races everywhere. The Argon 18 Nitrogen proudly bears the UCI's seal of approval, eliminating an extra source of worry no one wants before an important race.


Frame: 960 g (includes medium frame, paint and clearcoat. Hardware (60 g + 23 g Di2 parts is not included).

Fork: 366 g, cut to fit medium size frame.

Reversible (72°/ 76.5°) Aero SP5000 carbon seatpost. Road and Tri positions can both be obtained with the Aero SP5000 seatpost.
Achieve zero bottom bracket to saddle nose setback.

Seat clamp offset (road): -17,5 to -22,5 mm

Seat front (Tri): +35 to +40 mm.

Bottom bracket: BB86.

Headset: FSA model 39 + 3D (Top bearing 1" 1/8 and 1" 1/4 (bottom) + compressor included.

Ajustable front derailleur hanger compatible with compact and oval chainrings.

Carbon drop out with replaceable forged rear derailleur hanger.

Monocoque carbon fork and hidden aero brakes.

Exclusive sheltered aero rear brakes.

Internal cables.

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 :

E-tube cables: 1 X EWSD50-I-250 mm, 2 X EWSD50-I-350 mm, 1 X EWSD50-I-600 mm, 2 X EWSD50-I-950 mm, EWSD50-I-1000 mm.

Batterie: SM-BTR2.

Junction JC41 and Junction EW90-A.

Internal batterie holder 27.2 mm.

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