Adidas MiCoach Pacer

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Adidas miCoach Pacer provides the athlete also with a real time audible coaching and personalized workouts along with speed, pace and distance data.
miCoach will provide the customer with personalized training plans, route mapping and coaching content and monitors and manages the progress over the time.
The training is based on heart rate helping you gauge effort, performance and see improvement. miCoach personalizes a special set of heart zones to guide you through your workout, staying within your zones means you don't waste any time or energy. It avoids under training or over training and makes the training as efficient as possible Includes: Textile Transmitter Strap soft, flexible strap that is worn around the chest and must be used in conjuction with the HRM device to collect accurate heart data. miCoach Pacer real time audible coaching web synchronization 15 personalized workouts stored to device mp3 compatible Stride Sensor accurately measures speed, distance, pace & strade rate lace clip provided means compatibility with all footwear or can be housed in the mid-sole cavity of compatible adidas footwear Heart Rate Monitor ( HRM) delivers accurate heart rate data can be used with Textile Transmitter Strap or miCoach compatible adidas heart rate sensing apparel

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