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ARGON 18 E-112

From the first look, the first pedal strokes, perceptions will change because the E-112 is different. One of a kind.

With this bike, Argon 18 provides a pro-caliber machine, with all the features you expect from a pro-caliber bike.

Comfortable, even though it is built for speed. Aerodynamic form to make the most of your athletic potential.

Both these qualities are embodied in a frame/fork crafted in full carbon fiber, to add the other most appreciated qualities: lightness and rigidity. Everything needed to lighten your load during a race or tough training session.

With the E-112 you enter another world, where going fast doesn't necessarily mean suffering from a cramped position, where staying aero doesn't involve hair-raising battles to keep the bike upright and on course. The wise wizards behind the Brand with the Molecule have seen to that.

The presence of 5655 HM carbon as the material of choice extends from frame to fork to the reversible ASP 4000 seat post.

This composite keeps the weight low and is formulated specifically for the aero shapes inherited from the E-114, a benchmark famous for both its racing pedigree and for winning the Eurobike Design Award.

Because the biggest performance gains come mainly via integrated bike and rider optimal positioning, the proprietary 3D Headtube completes the E-112 admirably.

This smart little device means that for every frame size, three head tube heights are available, all while maximizing front-end stiffness.

Multiply these adjustment possibilities by the number of stem/handlebar/Tri bar settings available, and the positioning possibilities are literally endless.

The bike adapted to the rider, absolutely, totally.
Comfort? Check. Efficiency? Full on.


Wind tunnel-validated aerodynamics
The E-112 has a definite, singular purpose and the aggressive-but-flowing lines that go with it: it's made to go fast, solo.

This frame shares the mold that was used in building the E-114, a bike that was developed in the wind tunnel and was later graced with the Eurobike Design Award in 2008. The E-112 has shown efficiency gains of 11% over the E-80, tested at a wind speed of 40 kph.

In timed events, the details, the percentages add up and make a sizable difference at the finish line.

AFS triathlon/time trial geometry
2015 Sizing chart (TT/Tri)

The right fit is capital on a time-trial or triathlon bike. From the outset, Argon 18 thought of the E-112 as one of two elements to be unified, the other being the rider.

With AFS-Tri (Argon Fit System) geometry, our designers have taken time-proven principles that give our frames logical, balanced dimensions and have adapted them to the realities of the time-trial and triathlon riding styles and positions.

These dimensions are correctly graduated, so riders of varying physical types can find their positional “sweet-spot” easily, letting them stay in an aero tuck longer while generating their maximum power.

AFS-Tri also favors a solid, stable ride and complete bike control, even at maximum effort.

One aspect of this can be credited to the chainstays:
Longer chainstays
The E-112 chainstays are a full 400 mm long, longer than on most competing bikes.

There are two reasons for this:

1) the extra length stabilizes the bike at speed, important in a bike where rider weight is forward and steering leverage is reduced by the Tri bars;

2) longer stays make for a longer chainline, for faultless, reliable shifting.

HDS: Horizontal Dual System

Like every Argon 18 model, the E-112 frame design was guided by the HDS principle, with structural properties varying according to the stresses the frame undergoes.

The tubes that make up a frame all have a different role to play in the bike’s performance.

The required rigidity must be correctly apportioned in the most highly stressed parts, primarily along the lower areas, while a measure of absorbency is needed in the upper region to ensure comfort, while reducing weight throughout.
Power Zone

We’ve maximized stiffness in the frame with massive, asymmetrical chainstays as well as an oversized bottom bracket shell and head tube.

Comfort Zone

The frame’s upper areas feature smaller, thinner tubes that absorb and dissipate vibration from the road.

Whether in training or during a race, HDS construction lessens fatigue thanks to the enhanced comfort while the lateral rigidity maintains maximum efficiency, wasting none of the athlete’s power in propelling the bike forward.

3D System

The E-112 comes equipped with the 3D Headtube system, an Argon 18 exclusive.
Easy to install and adjust, 3D replaces conventional spacers with a structural mechanism that allows for handlebar height adjustment, minimizing front-end stiffness.

In conjunction with AFS, the 3D system extends positioning flexibility by offering three head tube lengths (heights) for every frame size:

Enhanced positioning versatility and superior front-end rigidity

The 3D system lets the user choose from three effective head tube heights for a given frame size for positioning flexibility.

These lengths are as follows:

- Basic head tube length, no 3D spacer

- Basic head tube length + 15mm

- Basic head tube length + 25mm

A rider can fine-tune bar height without piling up an excessive number of conventional spacers, leaving the frame’s rigidity intact.
Thanks to 3D, a handlebar set at a 15 mm height preserves 5% more stiffness over a similar conventional set-up, and this figure reaches 11% with a bar set at a 25 mm height.

Since the 3D Headtube system offers three effective head tube lengths, a rider can set the right position initially, but can later revise this position as fitness, taste or riding style evolve over time.

5655 HM carbon composite

Formulated to maximize the benefits of HDS, the 5655 HM Nano-Tech carbon composite excels in terms of its strength-to-weight ratio, making for a stiff but light frame/fork.

The E-112 is a remarkably stiff and solid-feeling bike. 5655 HM and HDS combine for a perfect blend of rigidity and comfort, sparing the athlete excessive fatigue on less-than-ideal roads. Total power transfer plus lessened fatigue can mean a place on the podium!

An integrated design

Apart from the monocoque frame, the E-112 includes:

One-piece aero-profile carbon fork.

2WAYPOST: ASP-4000 reversible (16 or 18 degrees) carbon aero seat post, light, easy to adjust, holds like a vise.

Headset: FSA IS-2 + 3D 079 (1-1/4” & 1-1/8” /45), includes preload expander, 6.5 mm top cover.

Replaceable braze-on type front derailleur hanger, compatible with compact crankset.
Forged, replaceable rear derailleur hanger.


Recommended torque values:
2015 E-112 Assembly Guide

3D system: 35-50 Nm (use Teflon plumber’s tape to prevent unwanted loosening of the head tube).

Seatpost collar: 8 Nm (lubricate collar bolt with grease and use anti-slip carbon assembly compound on post/seat tube).

Seatpost clamp adjustment bolts: 5 Nm.

Seatpost rocker clamp: 8 Nm.

Derailleur hanger bolts, front and rear: 4 Nm.

Bottle cage mounting bolts: 3 Nm.

Other components: refer to manufacturer’s instructions.


Frame: 1605 g (includes medium frame, paint and clearcoat. Hardware (115 g) is not included).

Fork: 545 g, (cut to fit medium size frame).
E-112 monocoque aero carbon fork.

Seatpost: 270 g, Argon 18 ASP 4000 carbon seat post, included.

Bottom bracket shell with English thread.

FSA Orbit IS-2 + 3D, (w/6.5 Top cover, bearings 1" 1/8 + FSA TH-883 compressor included.

Ajustable front derailleur hanger compatible with compact and oval chainrings.

Forged drop-out with replaceable rearb derailleur hanger.

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