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Morgan Blue Muscle Relax

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Muscle Relax helps improves the recovery of sore and tired muscles.

Top Features of the Morgan Blue Muscle
Relax - 200ml Tub

Massage gently after exercise
Do not apply to open or damaged skin

Wash hands very after applaying avoiding contact with your eyes, ears and mouth

The formula contains specially selected essential oils that have a stimulating and recuperating effect.

Muscle Relax is a non greasy formula that penetrates easily into the skin with immediate beneficial effects.

Massage gently after exercise and do not apply to open or damaged skin.

Wash hands very carefully after applying avoiding contact with eyes, ears and mouth. Muscle Relax can also be used before sleeping.

About Muscle Rubs

Muscle rubs are used to help warm your muscles up and prepare yourself for exercise, it's essential that you warm up and warm down before and after exercise to avoid injury and stiffness.

Muscle rubs work by stimulating blood flow and increasing the temperature of the area they are applied to, after using the correct muscle rub you should feel ready for exercise quicker than with just a warm up.

Also within this section you will find anti chafe solutions to improve comfort during exercise and muscle rubs for after exercise.
These are especially important for those people who have limited time for warm up and warm downs and mean you can get on with exercising and save time.

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